Video Poker Ruler

Video poker is based on the game of five cards. The basics of the game are simple. First, place a bet. The machine usually has a minimum for the bet. The maximum bet on a normal machine is usually five times the minimum bet. In a powerful poker machine there can be a lot of hands and therefore the maximum bet can be very high. Once the bet is placed, press the deal button. The machine selects five cards. Choose which cards you want to have in hand, and then press the button again. The machine removes cards that are not in hand and deals new cards. Then the machine pays the winnings, based on the payroll that is listed on the machine.

The main types of video poker

Common video poker are Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, but there are many different kinds of video poker, so it is important to take a good look at the machine before playing. Jacks or better means that pairs of jacks, queens, kings or aces are winning combinations, while pairs of tens or less are not winning combinations. Deuces wild means that two cards are wild and can replace any card. In Deuces Wild, pairs do not win any prizes.

Winning combinations

Pairs can be a winning combination in some forms of video poker.

Three of a kind means that the player has three cards of the same rank and is generally a winning combination. Two pair is a current hand and usually wins cash in video poker. Flush is a hand that contains the same cards that are all of the same suit. A straight is a hand where the cards are a series of numbers. For example, 2,3,4,5,6. They don’t have to be the same color. Straight Flush is a straight hand and the cards are of the same suit. The square is a hand formed by four cards of the same rank. The winning hand in many video poker games is the Royal Flush. This is a straight flush with the rank of say to ace. In a game with wild cards, there is a distinction between a “natural” straight flush and a straight flush which contains a wild card. There is also a five of a kind hand in a wild card video poker game. Sometimes there is a jackpot for five of a kind aces.

Power Poker

Power poker is played like any other regular video poker. Instead of playing one hand at a time, players can play multiple hands at a time. The first hand is dealt, and the players choose which cards to hold. Then these cards are laid out in separate decks, and the hand is individually made up of separate decks. Each hand is judged separately and can win a prize separately.